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We produce a complete range of web design options with an emphasis on turning site visitors into leads for your services, and buyers for your products. Our incredible team represents a divergent range of talented specialists who produce unique, exclusive marketing strategies that will maximize the return on your investment.

No longer can you expect to command a noticeable Internet presence with simple template websites and trivial content. Today, your website design must be clear, focused and full of compelling content if you expect to rank at the top of the search engine result pages. Google uses state-of-the-art semantic indexing software to check to see how relevant your site is to all the keywords it contains. There is little substitute for quality content and as the second most important item (first is back-links) in terms of search engine results placement, well-written content that offers quality to your readers and also a means for them to find you (good keyword research) is the way to get a good listing. This combination is what allows sites get to the top of Google and they are the main target, handling 71% of online search queries. Having a nice looking site is all very well but if no-one looks at it, the effort is in vain.

Our websites are immaculately designed and precisely written to provide answers to the questions your site visitors are seeking and with the right SEO, make it possible for those visitors to find you.

The Internet is not like most traditional forms of advertising. It is a form of inbound media, not outbound. Your customers are setting aside a specific block of time to try to find exactly the product or service you are offering.  In the past, you had to rely upon your ability to effectively interrupt their attention to the magazine they were reading, the music they were listening to or the television program they were viewing through advertising and other branding attempts. With the advent of mobile computing and the increased use of the internet compared to offline search methods such as the Yellow Pages, not having a good SEO web design means not having access to a huge market. If you can get to the top of Google with some or all of your products or websites, you can get right to the heart of your market. If you get to the top of Google with the right keywords, you are guaranteed traffic that will be interested in your product or services so your conversion rates will be optimal too.

Even if your website is simply there to inform your clients of what you do, to get people to find you you still must have good SEO. Your website design must also be functional and include appropriate calls to action and an objective to every page. Your website should not be the casual reading of a wandering insternet surfer, but be designed to reach all of your audience or market and more importantly, allow them to find you easily.

Right this minute someone is online, searching for your company or your product. They will find it only if you choose an SEO firm that is aligned with the latest requirements by Google, Yahoo! Bing and other search engines. We do not attempt to “beat the search engines, we use only proven SEO strategies and techniques that provide long term results. We don’t just get you to the top of Google, we achieve it in ways that ensure you can stay there.

The process begins with a thorough analysis of your current marketing plan and a complete website analysis. We then assess how accurately your website reflects the extent of your services or the nature of your product.

Your web design must provide answers to these basic questions:

  1. Does the site provide a clear marketing message?
  2. Do you provide value or benefit to the potential customer?
  3. Does your site demonstrate that value and/or benefit?
  4. Is there an effective call-to-action on every page?
  5. Is the site user friendly and ergonomic?
  6. Does the site content load quickly?
  7. Are the search engine robots able to navigate your site and find appropriate Meta Tag content?

This is just a selection of what good web design entails, there are many other pertinent questions like these…

Engage (your audience) – Guide (them to what they need) – Encourage (them to take an action such as “buy” or “subscribe”)

Research has consistently indicated that website visitors will spend approximately eight seconds viewing a web page prior to making the decision to continue reading, move to a different page on the same website, or hit the back button and go to one of your competitors. The vital few seconds is how long you have to “hold the door open” and beckon visitors to come on in and spend time at your site. Maybe you just need their contact details, so that 8 seconds may be how long you have to engage them in order for them to  feel confident enough to find out more and eventually share their details with you. Whatever the objectives you have set, we have the expertise to provide the online services you want to offer such as online shopping, quality SEO content and website design that will encourage interest, instill confidence and make the most of incoming traffic.

We invite you to contact us today to discuss the performance of your website and the goals of your business. Let us demonstrate how our web design services can effectively align the two and help your website achieve its maximum potential. We will be happy to provide you with a website design proposal that provides proven solutions at an affordable price.

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