Nicole Murray is the founder of Marketing Strategies & Solutions and the Lead Strategist.  She graduated top 10 in her class from Lynn University with a Bachelors in Marketing.

Nicole Murray

I started this company because I saw that there was a need for a comprehensive marketing firm.  One that not only focuses on traditional marketing concepts, but also fuses it with digital marketing. Thus creating a brand for businesses, both online and offline.

Online marketing is key to getting the edge on your competitors.  If you think about it there are so many companies that exist today that were not around 20 years ago and operate exclusively online like Amazon,  Ebay and Travelocity, just to name a few.  I’ve been in the online arena for many years (back when Google was still in a garage) and what I’ve found is that many in the digital marketing field are either too technical and  don’t understand marketing psychology – how real people think.  They focus so much on the computer aspect of things that they forget they are actually creating content/product for real people.  In these cases, their websites are designed from a purely technical stand point – search engines love it but real people hate it.  Then you have the flip side of the coin which is the marketing/creative person that understands people but they don’t have the technical skills to create something search engines love and, more importantly, rank!

Marketing Strategies & Solutions understands both! We will not only design it but we will market it for you!

I love digital marketing because it is ever changing.  I love the challenge of coming up with strategies, winning strategies, that bring our clients results. I’m ever in the school of online marketing as things change monthly!  I only use white hat techniques so none of the websites will ever be or has ever been banned or slapped with any Google penalties.

To win in digital marketing, businesses need to have a strategy.  Throwing things against a wall to see what sticks do not work as things become disjointed and it works against creating a cohesive brand that’s necessary to maintain a lasting, authoritative online presence.

At Marketing Strategies & Solutions, we are very results oriented.  That’s the only way we will ever know that what we do – works!


Javier Munoz

Javier Munoz is a Spanish Content Writer and Spanish Video Editor.  Graduated from National University of the Arts, Buenos Aires.  Javier works on our video marketing campaigns through YouTube, Vimeo, The Vine, Daily Motion and many more top video platforms online.

Languages:  Spanish and English


  Rachel Grosky
 Rachel Grosky is an English Content writer and also writes our press releases.  Rachel graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelors in Journalism.  Rachel is our press release writer extraordinaire!  She has an in depth understanding of writing search engine optimized press releases.

Languages:  English and French

Irfan Sanhaji

Irfan Sanhaji is our Web & Graphics designing Expert, Flash Animator, Web2.0, HTML5/Dreamweaver cs4,WordPress CMS, Logo Designer, App Designer.  Irfan graduated from the University of Birmingham, England with a Bachelors in Graphics Design. 

Languages: English, Urdu & Hindi

Bev Wilson

Bev Wilson is our Social Media Rockstar!  Bev graduated from the University of the West Indies with a degree in English.  She manages all of our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram along with our team of marketing interns.

Language:  English

Dmytro Visleskov

Dmytro Visleskov is a SEO content writer.  Dmytro graduated from the Institute of Business and Advanced Technologies, Ukraine with a Degree in Economics.  He specializes in the European market.

Languages: English, Russian, German & Ukrainian

Kumi Kobashi

Kumi Kobashi is a Content writer who focuses on the Asian Markets.  She graduated from Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Japan.  Kumi specializes in SEO strategies for the Asian Markets.

Languages:  English, Madarin Chinese & Japanese