PPC  Pay Per Click

PPC is online adverting where advertisers bid based on keywords and the ads appear on Google, Google Partner websites or on Bing and Yahoo. The advertisers then Pay Per Click when the customer clicks on their ad.    The ads appear at the top of the SERPs (Search engine results page) and along the side.

Google Adwords

The biggest player – and for good reasons – in the PPC advertising industry is Google Adwords. It is a platform PPC Pay Per Clickwhere advertisers can join in, and set up their marketing campaigns through a highly intuitive and data driven interface. Your ads can either be published directly on Google’s search results pages (aka SERPs), or they can also appear on other relevant websites that are part of the Google Display Ad Network program.

Bind Ads

Bing ads employs the same kind of approach. But with bing ads, your ads can appear on two search engines – Bing and Yahoo. Advertising with Bing Ads is just as flexible and powerful as with Google Adwords – but surely, in terms of audience size, Google leads by a far margin.

Which One is Better?

Although, both companies are working hard on the quality of their ads, Google is ahead in this regard also. They have a larger network where you ads can be displayed.  On the other hand, Bing Ads are 1/3 of the cost of Google Adwords.  Also keep in mind that the Bing Ads Display Network is now utilizing AOL.  Why is it important to know this?  The AOL Display Network is actually the Google Network!

The success of your PPC campaign depends on a lot more factors than just the quality of websites they appear on. So, you want to consider that too.  To run a successful PPC Campaign, you must invest the time to do effective keyword research and build out your ads and adgroups to be targeted to specific pages on your website.  This is only the beginning and your campaigns need to be optimized on a regular basis.

With the proper management of your PPC Campaign and analyzing your ROI, you can see a significant improvement to your sales.

We are Google Certified Partners and Bing Ads Certified so you know your campaigns will be in the hands of a PPC Expert! We can help you target your local area whether you’re in Pinellas or Hillsborough County or you want to target your city of Tampa, St. Petersburg or Clearwater, Florida.  Contact us about setting up a PPC Campaign.

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