Although Facebook might seem to be simply a means for the socially–minded to diarize and share details of their activities, it is far more than that. The “Like” system that Facebook employs is an unwritten vote of confidence in the content of a post, video or even a complete Facebook page. The friend-making process allows for easy communication with those interested in a business or product. The search engines pay attention to the content of Facebook and other social networking pages.

This may all seem very well for socializing but what do Facebook SEO and marketing have to do with each other? The truth is, Facebook  SEO can add a lot to the overall SEO strategy.

Inbound links are 40% of the total weight of SEO for a site, so the more “link juice” available, the better the ranking in the SERPs. Every time someone presses the “like” button on Facebook, another backlink can be generated improving SEO. Not only that but the “Like” system in Facebook is an automatic positive review; the more likes, the more confidence is instilled in future buyers.

In addition to this backlinking, there are other very important SEO benefits to having a Facebook page for a business.

  • A single Facebook comment can be propagated to tens of thousands of people in just hours creating leads and reinforcing branding.
  • Optimized video can be uploaded with and linked back to the Facebook page creating many “likes” and backlinks from YouTube. Facebook can then propagate the links to the video.
  • Facebook is a neutral ground where communications with clients can be a lot less formal – competitions, product launches and fun activities can be promoted easily on Facebook.
  • Promoting and launching new products through Facebook can reach millions in a very short time frame. The more friends created, the more likes, the better the Facebook SEO.
  • Google sees Facebook as an important indicator of site popularity – the more Facebook entries that refer to your site, the more likes it gets, the more likely it will appear (often alongside) a business website in the SERPs.
  • Facebook engenders trust – the more people who see your products being used and liked by others, the more incentive they have to make a purchase.

There are so many reasons to use Facebook for business growth and market development. Facebook isn’t merely a social network platform anymore; it is integral to 750 million people’s lives now. Many of those people are your clients.

Some things to be careful of on Facebook:

Fake fans and followers.  If you hire a company and they make you promises of delivering thousands of “real fans” to your business page overnight – run!  These are not real people but bot generated users.  You can tell that they are bots because you will notice that they don’t actually interact with your content as a real person would do.

Facebook Advertising is also less expensive than other forms of advertising like Google Adwords

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