Eight Seconds!

You’ve got just 8 seconds to capture the attention of website visitors. That means that your web design has to be brilliant. It can’t be average. It can’t be ordinary. If you refuse to settle for ordinary and you want brilliance – then read on…

Ordinary Won’t Cut It!

Marketing Strategies & Solutions will design a spectacular website for your business that your visitors will want to spend time exploring your pages and navigating their way through to your call of action. They’ll fill out your forms and maybe even purchase your products and services.


Because consumers equate an exceptional web design with excellent products and services. With a professionally designed website from Marketing Strategies & Solutions, we will provide you with exceptional design, and through our comprehensive range of services and expertise, you can enjoy increased traffic flow to your website with great conversion rates!

Whatever your company needs in order to increase web presence and traffic, Marketing Strategies & Solutions have comprehensive Social Media Marketing, Web Design and SEO services to help you achieve your business aims.

Here are the core services we offer:

Marketing Strategy

We examine your business and your competitors then customize a marketing strategy that takes your business strategically to the next level online. We find the best ways for you to generate revenue and tailor our marketing to suit your products, services and ethos.We listen to how you want your business to be represented and offer a variety of marketing solutions that keep within your company character while optimizing impact. We help business build upon a brand, popularize it and make it readily identifiable through a range of graphic design and brand development services and strategic marketing.

Graphic & Banner Design

We create dazzling banner designs with high quality graphics at competitive prices with fast turnaround times. We collaborate with each client to produce attention-grabbing banners and graphics that evoke positive responses from website visitors.  Your banners can be used in traditional print ads, online banner ads, or re-marketing campaigns.

Logo Design

We provide unique, eye-catching Logo Design that fully represents your business and creates lasting brand identity. These are delivered in HTML or Flash Animation, illustrator or any other format you require. Creative logo design takes talent and Marketing Strategies & Solutions is your one-stop source for original Logo Design.

Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Foursquare

Social Media Marketing allows you to reach out to millions of consumers in an informal setting to introduce yourself and your business. With a powerful social media campaign, your company can easily achieve an excellent ROI and get to the top of Google with multiple entries. Our seasoned team of pros will drive explosive traffic to your site. Expect greater levels of leads and sales.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the big catchword these days on the Internet. You need an expert with a proven track record in order to get that prized position on the first page of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP’s). To get to the top of the Google, Bing & Yahoo SERPs takes a concerted effort and some careful strategy – Marketing Strategies and Solutions have the tools and expertise to provide you with a solid SEO service – We demonstrate the quality of our SEO performance through our results.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Increase your web presence with a highly effective Email Marketing Campaign. Reach out to potential clients with a message that grabs their attention and compels them to click-through. Emails have to be constructed carefully to be effective. Our writers are experienced at developing customer relationships and trust, the keys to successful email marketing campaigns and high click through rates.

Paid Search Marketing

Get measurable results with a great paid search marketing campaign utilizing Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Bing Ads,  or Facebook Ads. We’ll design a compelling and eye-catching ad for your business that includes just the right keywords to ensure your best ROI.  We’ll optimize your spend for each campaign and target your audience online both geographically and demographically.

IPhone, Ipad, Android & Windows Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps can be used as part of an existing website or as a stand-alone concept. Whether you’re looking for iPhone, iPad, Android/Google Mobile or Windows Mobile Applications, we create high-quality mobile apps at affordable prices. The Mobile market is already the fastest growing consumer market in the world today; 300,000 devices are enabled every day globally – Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity – even if you are not in the Mobile application business, an application that is linked to your product can be a real revenue generator. Talk to us now about your mobile application ideas and we can help you turn your ideas into reality and help you use them to market a business.


Professional bloggers will produce informative content for your website that includes keywords relevant to your business and how clients find you online. Visitors to your site will be rewarded with interesting and helpful blogs that keep them coming back for more.

Article Production

Maximize your web presence and SEO performance with professionally written articles. We write and post to all the major article directories so that your site will be listed in as many places as possible and provide as many valuable backlinks as we can. We choose the best PageRanking sites for submissions and include your company’s resource box at the end – this a great way to drive traffic to your website and improve your SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Press Releases

We can get your company name or brand out there with expertly crafted press releases. Our professional writers can create informative and attention-grabbing press releases and submit them to any or all of the major press release sites. Announce your BIG SALE! or your website re-design to the whole world and get backlinks and SEO into the deal!

Web Design

We create amazing web designs to catch the attention of you visitors.  Our design are user friendly, easy to navigate and built responsive.  Responsiveness is very important as most visitors to your website are doing so through their mobile phones.

Editorial Services

Professional editors will comb through your manuscript, article or content. They will polish and perfect your written communications until they are proof-perfect and highly functional.

Marketing Strategies & Solutions has everything your company needs to succeed on the web.

Call us today at (561) 445-6656 or email us at nicole[at]marketingtheway.com and we will show you how we can put your website on the first page of the SERPs.

Being Number One has its Perks!