Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is not a social beehive of users from all walks of life and of all ages/demographics. LinkedIn is a much more business oriented network and can be described as “Facebook for business people.”

LinkedIn is intended purely for the networking of business people. It doesn’t matter whether a business is a sole proprietor working alone or a business employing on a large scale. The point is to be able to showcase a business or person by adding an SEO LinkedIn profile  that can promote a business and encourage B2B contacts to seek products, advice or services.

Akin to Facebook, LinkedIn allows others to see recommendations made by people from similar industries or from clients who know the company already. These recommendations are similar to the “like” button and are SEO-worthy items as they are textual and are not limited in length.

LinkedIn actively inter-markets its members, making link suggestions and interacting with the thousands of user groups available. This in turn encourages page profile visits whose number count is recorded and available to search engines. LinkedIn popularity also adds to SEO .

Just as Google displays Facebook-related content in its search results – especially where local business searches are concerned – it also displays LinkedIn information about a company profile. This is even more likely if the profile page gets a lot of attention and is written with SEO in mind.

So what benefits does an SEO profile on LinkedIn offer a business?

  • B2B businesses can really benefit from the networking available within LinkedIn. The search facility that can be used to find businesses and people makes it possible to use LinkedIn to locate sales and marketing opportunities.
  • Being recommended on LinkedIn conveys trust among new and potential clients.
  • As a very trusted site, links back to a business as part of a LinkedIn SEO strategy are very worthwhile. If you can get other LinkedIn contacts to link back to your site, even more SEO weight is applied.
  • There are many LION (Linked-In Open Networker) members who will connect with anyone who asks – these are like friends on Facebook that always accept a friend request.
  • Free consulting, contacts and valuable information is available through member groups and networking with LIONs and LinkedIn contacts.
  • Your business blog can appear on the LinkedIn profile; SEO backlinking is improved and the blog can offer customers a taste of your business and some information about it.

There are many more benefits to LinkedIn and the SEO it provides. Call MarketingTheWay at (561) 445-6656 and we can further show how LinkedIn can provide some effective SEO for your business.