For those who have not used it before, Twitter is a means of sending instant “telegrams” which are limited to 140 characters. A Tweet can contain pictures too with limited quality albeit, but easily enough to be usable. The Tweet phenomena grew from the rapid rise in use of mobile technology that had inbuilt internet/IP capabilities. Sending a picture message was ok but generally restricted to the cellphone networks; Tweeting opened up the picture+text message format to hundreds of millions, and set to become billions, of users.

As a business, marketing is all about communicating so Twitter is yet another avenue to take when it comes to communicating to customers or offering new clients a chance to get to know a business/product before they make a purchasing decision. As with every other type of marketing, the more people you reach, the better the chances of a sale.

Regarding SEO,  Twitter is now becoming an important part of the SERPs with Google indexing Tweets already and modifying its SERPs algorithms to take account of them.

There are some compelling reasons for your business to Twitter with marketing and product/services information:

  • Twitter accounts are commonly linked to Facebook so Tweeted information can easily end up as a Facebook comment simultaneously adding a backlink to your site for SEO and another item for the Search Engines to index.
  • Twitter is like using an advertising banner – succinct and memorable message and accompanying images/logos/branding can be tweeted to followers – properly engineered and delivered, a sequential Tweet sequence can be created as an advertisement campaign.
  • Similar to Facebook, Tweets can be re-tweeted so through this propagation huge amounts of recipients could be reading your sales/business message without any intervening effort by the Tweeter.
  • Tweeting is a convenient way to share product update information, the details of which can be at a Facebook page or a business website; either way it generates traffic.
  • Special offers that are time-limited are ideal for tweeting. Tweets reach followers in seconds and are viewable on virtually any device connected to the internet – cellphones being the most popular.

Twitter has found itself integrated into nearly every demographic of global society and should not be ignored as a valuable tool not only for SEO but also for general business marketing.

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