Video Advertising

Videos are taking over the internet. For instance, if you were to research on a topic, what would you prefer: A plain old blog post that boringly explains what you’re searching for? Or, a high quality video that explains the same thing but with a more interactive, easy to understand, and fun approach?

As appeared on the recent youtube stats, there are now over 1 Billion Users on youtube and its videos receive over 4 Billion Views per day.

This is a mind boggling amount of audience, way more than you can ever expect from traditional media buying on mainstream channels. And the audience you get with youtube is much more targeted, which in return gives far better conversion rates than any other option.

This is the power of videos and youtube. And that’s what you should cash on with video advertising.

How Can You Set up a Video Ad?

Every video that is uploaded on youtube can be an ad. These video ads appear before a user can watch a video of his choice. This is known as pre-roll. The cost of this type of advertising can be as cheap as $0.07 per view. But of course, the price also depends upon factors like ad duration, and whether or not you want your ad to be skipable.

Video AdvertisingWhat is TrueView?

It is just an ad format available within youtube that adds more power to your advertising campaign. For instance, you can choose whether or not users will be able to skip your ad within first 5 or 15 seconds. And sponsors only pay when their ad is completely viewed.  We have strategies to get your message out in a very short time.

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