Retargeting – Remarketing

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a revolutionary technology to get back your lost customers or to keep in front of your potential retargeting remarketingclients. Ever noted that after leaving a particular website, you get to see their ads on different websites again and again? This is essentially remarketing or retargeting in action.

By utilizing this powerful new technology into your marketing campaigns, you can retarget those customers who have left your website with your marketing offers and improve your conversions rates to as much as 125%.  By making these offers even sweeter and more enticing, you can add more value to your campaign which will lead to even better results. There are many companies that offer quality remarketing but you should know that you can do this through Google Adwords as well.  Your ads will follow the same sizes as the Google Display Banner Ads and we recommend that you create all these ad sizes so that you have the opportunity of being seen on every website.

Whether you’re showcasing your portfolio, promoting your products or services, or marketing affiliate offers, you can utilize remarketing to explode your conversion rates and the overall return on investment.

Ways to remarket with Google

  • Standard remarketing: Show ads to your past visitors as they browse Display Network websites and use Display Network apps.
  • Dynamic remarketing: Show dynamic ads to past visitors with products and services they viewed on your website as they browse Display Network websites and use Display Network apps.
  • Remarketing for mobile apps: Show ads to people who have used your mobile app or mobile website as they use other mobile apps or browse other mobile websites.
  • Remarketing lists for search ads: Show ads to your past visitors as they do follow-up searches for what they need on Google, after leaving your website.
  • Video remarketing: Show ads to people who have interacted with your videos or YouTube channel as they use YouTube and browse Display Network videos, websites, and apps.

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