FourSquare is a relatively overlooked application available to all the main mobile platforms such as cellphones and foursquare marketingipads and requiring satellite navigation to function. The principle is fairly simple; FourSquare records activities such as restaurant visits, purchases or maybe attendance to a sporting event. The attendance information is aggregated and user reviews can be added.

Foursquare approaches the sharing of information and links in a different way than Twitter and Facebook which bears no allegiance to businesses within their user base. Foursquare requires businesses to participate in these activities by providing incentives for people to frequent their business. When an item is liked on Facebook or raved about in a Tweet, it is subsequently lost in the quagmire of rapidly superseded communications of a Facebook newsfeed or the list of Twitters received that day. A mention from a FourSquare user about a business they want to recommend is on permanent record, so through multiple FourSquare user visits, a business can build up a reputation.

From an SEO point of view, this information trickles back to Google via FourSquare. The ability to link FourSquare to Facebook and Twitter adds backlinks and traffic statistics that promote SERP rank improvements.

The benefits to a business in terms of reputation development are apparent but some hidden benefits can add to FourSquare marketing.

  • When a user wants to add a good review of a business, their peers automatically see some trust value and will more likely use that business as a result.
  • FourSquare SEO starts with Google Places, a popular choice of search for many local consumers. FourSquare reviews in conjunction with its Google Places adds further reason for searchers to choose and share information about a FourSquare positive review/recommendation.
  • The social networking in FourSquare, like Facebook, encourages sharing among users. The popularity of a business can shine through from information sharing and generate a lot of local traffic to a business, both physical and online.

Although it may not suit every industry or business model, for businesses that have a physical presence such as a restaurant, retail outlet or service provider, they would benefit from the features and benefits that FourSquare offers. FourSquare Marketing is also valuable to a business’ SERPs visibility.

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